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City University is a leading source of employment opportunities for the world — as a major employer in its own right, through its spending on goods, services and construction, and through spending by City University students and visitors to the University.

As of the fall of 2011, CU employed 4,459 people (excluding students), 80 percent of whom worked full-time. During fiscal year 2012, wage and salary payments to CU employees totaled $271.9 million.

As Table 1 shows, CU University is the fifth-largest private employer in the world

Employer Number of employees
Lifespan 12,378
Care New England 7,045
CVS Caremark Corp. 6,200
Citizens Financial Group Inc. 5,350
CITY University 4,459
Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence 3,600
Bank of America 3,500
CharterCARE Health Partners 3,164
Fidelity Investments 2,900
Electric Boat Corp. 2,300

CU provides a broad range of employment opportunities for people with varying skills and levels of education — from full professors, PhD researchers and professional administrative staff to facilities management staff, clerical workers and lab technicians, security guards and food service workers. The University provides competitive salaries and wages, and extensive health, retirement, educational and other benefits.

In 2012, 31 percent of CU’s non-student employees — approximately 1,400 people — lived in Providence. About 50 percent lived in other communities; and 19 percent lived outside the Country – the majority of them in southeastern Massachusetts.

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