University Ranking

University Ranking

Education in Cambodia is controlled by the state through Ministry of education in a National Level and by the Department of Education in a Provincial Level. The constitution of Cambodia establishes that the state shell protects and upgrades the citizen’s rights and gives them quality education in at all levels. It’s a guarantee that every citizen will get equal opportunity to earn a living. The state will provide educational program according the principal of modern pathology, including modern technology and foreign languages. Whole country private and public type institutions / universities are controlled by the Government.  Education system also controls the development of sport.  Education Budget of Cambodia is $ 251 Million. Primary languages are Khmer. Total Literacy rate is 77.6 in Male literacy rate is 85.1 and in women are 70.9.

City University is the Top 10 University in Cambodia, which has been listed in the International University Book of UNESCO.

Here is the UNESCO/IAU WHED listing:

unesco-iau-whed-copy unesco-international-handbook

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